Investment Portfolio Tracker Feature List - EquityStat

EquityStat Feature List

EquityStat's portfolio manager features.

Portfolio Features

  • Manage all of your financial investments.
  • Up to the minute stock, mutual fund and ETF quotes.
  • Instantly see the value of your portfolio based on current investment prices.
  • Create multiple portfolios to separate your investments (e.g. Stocks, Mutual Funds, 401k).
  • Track the performance of your investments.
  • Track your investment's gain, quarterly return, year-to-date return and annualized return.
  • Track your dividends for each investment, portfolio and for the entire account.
  • Easily view all transactions for an investment.
  • For each investment enter and track buys, sells, dividends and much more.
  • Validation provided for all investments added to the portfolio.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Summary performance graphs and performance metrics for your account.
  • Analyze your account portfolio holdings graphically.
  • Performance charts for your best and lowest investments for the day, year and quarter.
  • Easily drill down into each portfolio for performance analysis.
  • Analyze dividends graphically.


  • View your portfolio on all your devices, computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Simple yet powerful interface.
  • Responsive design that adapts to your tablet, smartphone or desktop screen size.
  • Pick and choose the data and calculation columns for your portfolio.
  • Change the column order for your portfolio
  • Sort your investments by name, value, return and gain.
  • Sort your tranactions by date, transaction type and amount.

Tax Reporting

  • Generate IRS Form 8949.
  • Calculate your cost basis, gains and loses for the IRS.


  • Import your investment transactions from a spreadsheet.
  • Export your transactions to a spreadsheet for safe backup.


  • 24/7/365 real-human support.
  • Tutorials and tips on our blog