About EquityStat - A Fintech Company

About EquityStat

EquityStat is a powerful yet easy to use investment portfolio application. It was developed by investors for investors. The old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” was the driving force behind the founding of EquityStat. We found that the existing tools necessary to track, manage and financially evaluate investments were inadequate.

The portfolio management tools with brokerage firms were too cumbersome, lacked useful features and were geared toward buying and selling stocks at the brokerage. A Fortune 500 investment portfolio application was at first adequate but for some unexplained reason, useful features started disappearing. Other applications were limited to running only Windows computers which meant that the investment portfolio could only be accessed from the computer running the portfolio management software.

EquityStat wanted a way to track and manage all of our investments in one application from the cloud. As many investors know, your investments are scattered about many brokerages, mutual funds and retirement plans. Our goal was to create an application where investors could manage all of their investments in a single location. In addition we wanted to be able to access investments from any computer or device. Whether at home, work or at the accountant’s office, we wanted to be able to access our investment portfolio.

Other features EquityStat found lacking in existing applications were the financial formulas needed to properly evaluate the performance of our investment portfolio. With EquityStat we wanted to provide a number of easy and powerful calculations which the investor can use to evaluate the performance of their portfolio.

Many existing applications also did not provide an easy to use user interface that took advantage of the workspace or the device you are on. EquityStat provides an easy to use interface which allows you to quickly enter or import your investment transactions. The user interface also provides plenty of visual viewing area. With EquityStat your portfolio is not limited to a small page or screen size. For example, if you expand your browser to full size, the portfolio will also expand to full size showing you all of your data without the need for constant scrolling. You can also choose which data columns you want to display in your portfolio. In addition, EquityStat is optimized for the device where you are viewing the portfolio, whether this is a desktop computer or tablet.

With EquityStat we hope to improve on the inadequacies of existing applications and create a better and more powerful investment portfolio management tool. It is a web based application that stores your investment portfolio in the cloud, where you can access and view your portfolio on any computer or device that has a popular commercially available web browser. This can be a Windows or Apple computer, an iPad, Android or Windows tablet or any other computer or device.

EquityStat is a work in progress and we appreciate any feedback you might have. If you have any ideas for improvement or are wanting a feature, please contact us at our help page.